The Clean Air Council Climate tracker is a joint project between the Clean Air Council and Code for Philly, Philadelphia’s chapter of Code for America.

The purpose of the project is to democratize the collection of climate and pollution data and make that available, in real time, to researchers and app developers so that people can control their exposure to pollution and researchers can have access to unprecedented volumes of data on microclimate.  Researchers will not only be able to study the effects of climate change, but also measure our efforts to mitigate those effects.

The data will be linked to OpenTreeMaps to quantify the effect of urban trees on pollution and microclimate. Through this project, we hope to put a dollar value on the services that each tree provides.

The goal of the project is to design a device that can be attached to buses and bikes and gather and share data in real time across the city, and can be implemented in cities around the world.


Other Project Links

Code for Philly project page – contains regular short updates on progress  http://codeforphilly.org/projects/Mobile_pollution_and_heat_island_data_collection_and_mapping

GitHub repository – access to code as it becomes available https://github.com/pekasus/CAC-open-climate-tracker



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